The main representatives of parents at the school are members of the Board of Trustees.  This Board acts as the school’s overseer and works closely with the Principal to establish and maintain the direction the school takes, as well as ensuring that all Ministry of Education and legislative requirements are met.  The Board’s job, basically, is to decide on the ‘what’ component and it is up to the Principal to decide on the ‘how’.  There is a clear division between Governance (the Board) and Management (the Principal) and West Harbour School has been well-served by as succession of motivated parents and other community members throughout the last 30 years.


BOT Members:
  • Caroline Crann – Board Chair
  • Darren White – Deputy Chair
  • Judith Puch – Staff Board Member
  • Julia Oh – Elected Member
  • Vinetta Pearce – Elected Member
  • Jaime-Lee Perkins – Elected Member